Checklist for combined SOLISTA and LIBERO use


Dig a hole in the sand and place the SOLISTA inside, ensuring the MYKITEMATE logo is aligned with the wind direction. The small red band in picture 1 indicates the wind direction.




Cover the SOLISTA with sand, then flip its upper part over. Take the three green leashes and lay them out pointing towards where you intend to position your kite, which should be at a 90° angle from the wind direction, slightly upwind. This means you should place your ear directly into the wind and then look straight ahead when deciding where to place your kite. For stronger winds, consider digging a deeper hole to provide more stability for the SOLISTA.




Move the kite to its launch position, connect the kite lines, and place the kite bar next to the SOLISTA’s three leashes as shown in picture 3.



Thread the grey leash portion of the LIBERO through the three green D-rings of the SOLISTA as demonstrated in picture 4.


Guide the LIBERO’s carabiner through the loop of the grey leash and tighten as shown in pictures 5 and 6.


Attach your safety leash to the black D-ring on the LIBERO, choosing between the two available D-rings based on the length of your kite leash, as illustrated in pictures 7 and 8.



Connect your safety leash carabiner to your kite bar (picture 9).



Hook the LIBERO's carabiner to the kite bar's chicken loop (picture 10).


Depower the kite, preparing it for launch. Move slightly upwind, ensuring the sand anchor is secure, before gradually moving downwind to the outer edge of the wind window until the kite is stable and ready for launching, as depicted in picture 11.

STEP 10:

Detach the safety leash from the black D-ring and secure it to your harness.

STEP 11:

Attach and secure the chicken loop to your harness, keeping the LIBERO's carabiner connected to the chicken loop as well (picture 13).


STEP 12:

Approach the sand anchor until the kite's pull is entirely transferred to you. Disconnect the LIBERO's carabiner from your chicken loop once everything is stable (picture 14).


STEP 13:

Power the kite and initiate the launch (picture 15).