Imagine the overwhelming sensation of soaring high like an eagle in the skies – a symbol of freedom, elegance, and self-determination. Now, translate this liberating spirit and wild passion into the thrilling world of kitesurfing, where you dance in harmony with the wind and waves. This is the vision of a passionate soul who sees life as an immeasurable adventure and has transferred this love of freedom to the frothing seas across the globe, creating two revolutionary kitesurfing products: SOLISTA and LIBERO.

SOLISTA, an artistically designed sand anchor, is a masterpiece of autonomy and safety. It offers kitesurfers of all skill levels the ability to launch and land their kites with unprecedented ease and security.

Whether you're a beginner feeling the powerful embrace of the wind for the first time or an experienced surfer gliding through the surf, SOLISTA ensures your adventure starts and ends just as you wish.

LIBERO, a leash that embodies ultimate freedom on the water, perfectly complements SOLISTA. It grants you the independence to explore new horizons and face the elements with unwavering self-confidence.

Used together or individually, these products transform the kitesurfing experience. They open doors to freedoms once reserved for birds in the sky, now extended to the seas and beyond. Created by someone who relishes life to the fullest and views every second as a gift, these tools are not just equipment; they are the manifesto of an unceasing drive for freedom and the dream of complete independence.

From the pure passion for adventure and unrestricted love for nature to the boundless expanses of kitesurfing – SOLISTA and LIBERO invite you to break free from the need for ground support and explore the world's most magnificent places.

It's time to reclaim your freedom, to be part of the elements, and to write your own story in the skies of water wherever your heart may carry you!

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